Strict diet and training: how is Robert Pattinson preparing for the role of Batman?

Back in may this year Robert Pattinsonpreferred not to leave the house, fearing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Then the actor gave an interview to GQ magazine, in which he said that at the moment he lives with his girlfriend, cooks his favorite pasta in the microwave, and sometimes eats only canned food – just not to go out.

But since then, a lot has changed, Robert stopped fearing infection with the virus and began preparing for the role of Batman in the film, which will appear on screens in 2021.

Now Rob closely monitors nutrition, does not eat fast food, semi-finished products, fried food and does not drink alcohol, goes for a run, does intensive cardio training, and also regularly attends boxing courses, works with dumbbells and does not forget about working out the muscles of the press.

Moral preparation also plays a significant role in preparing for the role. When Pattinson became aware that he was going to be the next Batman, the actor approached this with full responsibility and studied all the actors who played the role of the superhero before him.

“All actors have a moment when they doubt, wonder whether they are worthy of the character, whether they can meet the expectations placed on them. You look at the real warriors of the superhero genre-Chris Hemsworth, the Rock, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans – and you can’t help but wonder if you did the right thing. And anyway, after talking to some of them, I know that everyone is nervous when the opportunity arises”,

 – Robert admitted in an interview.