Where did BTS live at the beginning of their career?

In just a few years, the K-pop group BTS became a sensation. The guys conquered the world with their hits and amazing dance moves. When they first debuted in 2013, all seven band members lived together in a cramped apartment.

Even though they travel all the time, BTS has a home base in South Korea. Fortunately, after four years of living in an apartment with a bunk bed, BTS has improved its living conditions.

BTS lived in Hannam the HILL apartment

The HILL complex, located in Seoul, is popular with many music figures, actors and businessmen. Located near the Khan river and Namsan mountain — THE HILL consists of 600 apartments in 32 different buildings.

BTS rooms in THE HILL

According to the Korean Times, the BTS apartment includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and two kitchens, one of which has a stove and a dishwasher. The apartment has a total area of 3,229 square feet. BTS also has access to a gym, golf course, swimming pool and 24-hour medical services. According to Ilgan Sports, “the seven BTS members formed a strong bond after living together in a small home.”

BTS chose THE HILL for safety and convenience

For 6 528 124 dollars BTS managed to find their suite in THE HILL. They chose based on convenience, layout, and security considerations. Since BTS exploded onto the scene, their popularity has grown exponentially. The management company Big Hit Entertainment was forced to ask ARMY to allow BTS to relax and spend their free time in peace. Security was one of the main factors that BTS took into account when searching for its new home.