“No, no! This is a big mistake”: the British boycott Kristen Stewart

Recently it became known that the Chilean Director Pablo Larrain invited Kristen Stewart to play the role of Princess Diana in his new film “Spencer”.

However, for many people in Britain, this news came as a real shock. Their indignation was caused at least by the fact that their favorite will not be played by an English actress. In addition, according to many Britons, Kristen, who gained fame after filming in “Twilight”, looks not a bit like Princess Diana.

“There are a lot of British Actresses who would be much better suited for this role”,

 – audience writes indignantly in social networks.

Fans of the actress immediately began to defend their favorite, trying to provide photos that show similarity of Kristen and Diana by the naked eye.

Despite the public outrage, the Director is confident in his choice:

“Kristen is one of the greatest modern actresses. She can do a lot of things: be mysterious, tender and very strong, and that’s what we need.”

And what do you think, will the girl be able to cope with this difficult task?