Donald Trump has an incurable disease!

A few days ago the President of America Donald Trump spoke at the graduation ceremony at the military Academy in West Point, New York. While the head of state shared his prepared speech, the American media noticed something wrong with the man’s behavior.

The media notes suspicious that Trump’s hands were shaking, he held a glass of water with both palms, and after the speech was over and the President had to leave his place, he walked “arm in arm” with one of his guards. The US media suspected that the head may be ill with an incurable disease called Parkinson’s disease.

But the President himself did not agree with the conclusions of the journalists and soon denied these rumors.

“I spent hours on stage. Hours! The sun. I made a speech, I saluted for an hour or more. It was a steel ramp, without a railing, like a skating rink. I couldn’t have got down without help”,

 – Trump explained

As we know, heads of state often withhold information about their health status. Let’s hope that this is really a myth and that everything is fine with the US President.