Kiss or curiosity: The network discusses a provocative shot of Jungkook and Jimin

BTS band members Jungkook and Jimin held a Vlive. As part of this release, they demonstrated their culinary skills to fans and prepared a Korean dish.

In addition, they communicated with their fans at this time and made them laugh.

So, after this meeting, there is a provocative picture walking around the Network, where something incomprehensible is happening. The fact is that the photo gives the impression that Jimin is kissing Jungkook right on the air!

Jimin asked Jungkook how he wanted him to cook. To this Jungkook replied: “Make it delicious!” And Jimin repeated: “Delicious? Good!” and then leaned toward him.

The fans didn’t know what it was!

By the way, while the guys were cooking, V called them and asked to cook his favorite dish, but the guys refused him. Perhaps he was just jealous of Jungkook, so he decided to check if everything was all right with his bandmates.

It was Jimin who told him sharply that he and Jungkook would not cook for him, and Jungkook, in turn, explained that they simply did not have the cheese that V liked so much.