Anti-BTS fans demand to kick J-Hope out of the band for homophobia

A few hours ago, a large-scale campaign started again among BTS fans on Twitter. ARMY, one of the others started spreading messages on the social network “Hoseok handsome”, “Hoseok angel”, “Hoseok hopeworld” without any explanation. What has so abruptly awakened such activity in the idol fans?

As it turned out later, one of the anti-fans began to actively distribute posts with the signature “Hoseok homophobic”, and this search query almost immediately hit the top.

“Can someone explain to me why when I type “hoseok” in the search, the first thing I see is “Hoseok homobof”. What’s wrong with you, people?”

– ARMY wrote with indignation.

can someone tell me why hoseok homophobic is the first search when i search hoseok? whats wrong with you ppl?

— ya gurl⁷ (@jhopeshoe1) June 21, 2020

However, fans of the band decided not to understand, but just publish the maximum number of warm words about J-Hope, so that the unpleasant search query disappears from the first lines.